Through Literacy we have a strong focus on functional communication.

We want all our learners to be as prepared for daily life as possible through:

  • being able to make requests
  • express their needs confidently
  • read shop signs and cinema listings
  • communicate using their preferred method
  • order food and drinks
  • converse with friends
  • write formal documents
  • achieve employment
  • ultimately feel as supported and independent as possible

We aim to provide a variety of qualifications that develop life and work skills in a practical and interactive environment.

We offer students the opportunity to develop a number of skills that will enhance their preparation for life beyond college in a way that is appropriate to the needs and ability of the learner.

At Newfriars College we deliver a range of English Speaking Board qualifications, some examples of the courses on offer are:

  • Oral Skills for Interviews
  • Planning a Journey
  • Reading to a Child. 

These are offered from Entry Level to Level 2. Whilst studying for these qualifications students can expect to participate in group discussions, individual research, role play activities, as well as presentations. Throughout the course staff offer support, continual feedback and encouragement to all learners. Not only do these courses offer valuable skills for future life, we also find these are excellent for developing our learners’ communication, confidence and self-esteem. 

The Literacy department also offers a number of OCR Life and Living Skills qualifications at the college. These qualifications are aimed at developing the learner’s communication and written skills as well as equipping learners with valuable skills for the future. Some of the units delivered include:

  • Providing personal information in writing
  • Completing forms with personal information
  • Writing in short paragraphs
  • Understanding short texts and simple instructions.

Throughout their time at college, all students are encouraged to read for pleasure and choose reading materials such as books, newspaper and magazines independently. This is complimented by our partnership with Stoke on Trent Library, whereby students have the opportunity to visit the local libraries, use local facilities, and take part in Literacy workshops. Students will also participate in structured reading activities, which are tailored to meet individual learner needs. Where needed, language will be supported with symbols and Makaton sign language for both reading and writing.