At Newfriars College we believe that Art is an avenue for young adults to develop both artistically and creatively.

In the Art department, we feel that our students should have ownership of their work, and an opportunity to create a visual language which says something about the way they understand the world. We believe that the diversity of students we teach should be reflected in their artwork. We are an inspiring, encouraging and nurturing department, focused on developing the individual. Processes and skills used within the department include painting, drawing, 3D-making, ceramics and printing.

We are a well-equipped department, with equipment that includes:

  • a pottery kiln for developing ceramic ware and sculpture
  • up-to-date computers and photography equipment for creating digital imagery
  • a studio area for developing both 2D and 3D artwork. 

We deliver a range of accreditation which is developed towards students’ learning needs and aspirations. This personalised approach ensures that all students gain accreditation, and that they immerse themselves in the creative process.