As a Post-16 establishment, we offer a variety of vocational and academic courses to meet the needs and ability of our students. All students have access to a bespoke curriculum pathway, which comprises a wide range of external accreditation - these vary from year to year depending on the individual needs of the student intake. Levels range from working towards Entry Level 1  to Level 2 (GCSE).

We are very proud of the curriculum and enrichment opportunities we offer. The curriculum is tailored and personalised to the interests and abilities of each individual student. Excellent working relationships are in place with local colleges and training providers to ensure that opportunities are part of an inclusive approach. Learners at Newfriars College are extremely well supported towards the next steps in their lives and education.



We have excellent links with mainstream colleges which are used to enable students to go out as part of a small group or as an individual to pursue day or half-day courses determined by the interests of individual students and these are usually courses which we are unable to deliver in our College. We also offer extensive work experience opportunities and transition guidance to provide a personalised pathway of support. We have excellent links with the Local Authorities and ensure that we provide supervision when each student is moving on to the next setting, whether it be work or further education.