Hospitality & Catering

When learners select Hospitality and Catering as their main choice for PATHWAY, they will learn that this is one of the most dynamic and vibrant environments. There is always something positive happening in our classrooms, and it is so good!!! Creativity, flavours, tastes, colours , passion and the opportunity to gain skills for life and employability skills. So many students are now placed in work experience or jobs after achieving reputable national qualifications. Parents also enjoy the outcomes when students provide a delicious meal for the whole family showing their acquired skills with pride and talent. Students are encouraged to go the extra mile and develop inquisitive minds. It is fantastic to see students growing in self-confidence, self-esteem, independence and having the confidence to feel encouraged to use creativity to develop meals for themselves and their families on a budget. Some even embrace Hospitality and Catering as a promising and enjoyable career.

We are proud at Newfriars FE College to prepare students to embrace the working world and to learn and use transferable practical skills along with providing support for interviews and work placements.