We believe that our teaching will equip students with skills for everyday life and work.

We prioritise functional numeracy which relates to our everyday lives (Money, time, measure, budgeting, banking, paying bills, etc). Consequently, great emphasis is placed upon the following areas:

  • Number skills
  • Handling money
  • Measures such as time both analogue and digital clocks
  • Bus and Train timetables
  • Scales for weight and liquid capacity for activities such as cooking. 

Students are working towards nationally recognised accreditation such as Entry Level qualifications and/or Level 1 or GCSE where appropriate. Some students also work towards Life and Living Skills accreditation or ASDAN where there is an element of Numeracy such as handling other people’s money or organising an enterprise.  Education City is also used by the Numeracy Teaching Assistant as a way of supporting individuals identified as requiring additional intervention. Some students also use the Successmaker and interactive maths websites to support their learning