We offer a wide variety of Sports to cater for all our student's needs. The emphasis on our lessons is fun, enjoyment and progression. 

All our students show a desire and commitment to each chosen sporting activity. This along with learning and enjoyment produces outstanding results for our Sports department. We use a fantastic sporting facility at Northwood Stadium, where we have the full use of all the facilities. We also have our own sports hall where various sports are undertaken including the very popular Rebound Therapy. There is accreditation on offer to suit each student’s individual needs. These include BTEC, NCFE, and ASDAN. We also encourage all students to take part in sporting events as well as external sporting competitions. We arrange to play different colleges at various sporting events, as competition and good sportsmanship are both vital skills. 

We use Rebound Therapy as part of the Physical Management element of our curriculum. Learners from our complex needs groups access therapy on a weekly basis. Using a trampoline, our specialist staff provide opportunities for movement, bespoke exercise, and recreation.

For learners with Autism

Rebound Therapy allows for physical fitness with clearly structured and physical boundaries. Use of symbol cards allow learners to understand what is expected of them. Students increasingly understand how to control impulses and body movements. It calms and focuses, develops communication skills through use of simple language. Students develop gross motor skills, postural balance, and stamina.

Rebound Therapy also provides learners with a sequence of movements which they can use at a later date and further develop. It provides increased body awareness due to the stimulating effects on the proprioceptive system (perception of movement and special awareness) and vestibular system – which can provide a calming effect on students with autism.

 Other benefits include:

  • Stimulation of digestive system
  • Improved bowel function
  • Internal organ massage
  • Clearing of toxins from the body
  • Opportunity to develop anticipation skills
  • Increased understanding of cause and effects